This exhibition is a joint collaboration between Woodbury University’s Schools of Architecture, and Media, Culture & Design, and is supported by student participation. Special thanks to Devin Gharakhanian for envisioning the event, and the tireless efforts of the Zone V photography organization and to Zone V co-presidents, Kristine Edinchikyan and Brian Hardy for producing. Additional participation and contributions in exhibition development, design and production have been made by Zone V Officers, club members and other WU students including Logan Miller, Britney Asao, Matthew Johnson, Martin Sanchez, Selin Polat, Mohamed Bensasi, and Kenneth Zapata. In addition, School of Architecture students Andre Gharakhanian and Jesse Cabildo bulit an interactive installation inspired by the exhibition, incorporating the aperture of multiple lenses in one space.

The organizers would also like to thank the hard work and support of faculty and staff at the WUHO Gallery and at Woodbury University, including Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter (WUHO Gallery Director, Graduate Chair, School of Architecture), Eddie Clift (Dean, School of Media, Culture and Design), Sue Vessella (Chair, Department of Graphic Design, Associate Dean MCD), Mimi Zeiger (Director of Communications, School of Architecture), Kris Christ and Galina Kraus (Administrative Coordinators to the Deans), Mary Hernandez and Terry La Source (Administrative Assistants) and Tim Ottman (Gallery Support). Additional thanks to Alex Mancuso, Brian Herbst and Michelle Giacopuzzi for their time, support and generosity.

Zone V is Woodbury University’s cross-disciplinary student-run organization that encourages students to come together in their love for the medium of photography. Zone V members, under the guidance of their faculty adviser, Niku Kashef, will participate in all production-based aspects of exhibition development including marketing, gallery preparation and related events for “unseen” at the WUHO gallery.

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