Juror Statement

unseen showcases images that celebrate the photographer’s eye, discovering beauty, banality, and the everyday, images exhibited make the unseen visible through light, exposure and the photographic frame. In consideration of the words of the late Diane Arbus, “I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them,” the exhibition was open to all photographers, student, amateur and professional working in all mediums and styles to allow a large sampling of works that could interpret the unseen through the lens. Photography opens a visual dialogue in the most democratic manner, bringing together individual moments from people of various backgrounds, aesthetic proclivities and disciplines.

This selection was made through a blind jury, wherein almost 400 works were submitted by nearly 300 artists, making the process highly competitive. Ultimately, images that were selected speak as a whole to the simplicity of slow photography and the everyday, a prevalence of “the grid,” and the consideration for an open-ended narrative that allows the viewer to bring their own meaning through their memories and experiences to these works.

Jurors Lesley Krane and Niku Kashef